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16 Years of activity! It is quite some distance walked, steps with some safe, some not so, but that led us to 16 years of life and contributed to the growth of all of us, both personally and professionally!
This short course, with the efforts of all those who were involved, has not even reached adulthood, we still have to pass the stage of adolescence, as you know, a difficult phase, controversy, and especially of affirmation. It is also at this stage that is designed, in most cases, the first foundation that will be fundamental to cement the adult life of any individual or identity. So with a few more steps, if possible safer than uncertain, and the dedication of all ours elements and partners who believed, this company already has well defined outlines that make structural foundations capable of carrying reach adulthood and it allows the professional fulfillment of all employees and partners.

Thanks very much to everyone for the vote of confidence! With it, we can continue our story!