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Cars é um franchising na linha da frente da Disney que representa mais de um quarto das vendas da Disney Consumer Products, em França. Cars é a primeira franchising para meninos no mercado do brinquedo, em 2009, consoante o NPD e em crescimento desde do seu lançamento<

CARS Universe Little boys love speed and Cars plays up to this with plenty of humour. There is a strong car theme, and all the boyish fun of collecting and friendship here too. Cars is Disney’s leading franchise for boys, representing a quarter of all the Disney Consumer Products sold in France. Cars was the leading licence for boys in the toy market in 2009 (NPD Group statistics). The brand has grown steadily since its launch in 2006. HELLO KITTY Hello Kitty is a cheerful and happy little girl with a heart of gold. She lives in London with her mama (Mary White), papa (George White), and her twin sister Mimmy. Hello Kitty loves to bake and she can make really delicious cookies. She learned her baking talents from her mama, who makes scrumptious apple pies that are enjoyed by the whole family. Hello Kitty's hobbies include traveling, listening to music, reading, eating cookies and mama's apple pies, and making new friends. One of her most popular mottos is "You can never have too many friends." Hello Kitty has a pet cat named Charmmy Kitty and a pet hamster named Sugar. Charmmy Kitty was a present from her papa, while Sugar was given to her by her childhood friend Dear Daniel. SPIDER-MAN Universe Peter Parker lives with his aunt and uncle, who have raised him like the child they never had. Peter shows an interest in science and is something of a whizz-kid. But he is a very shy boy and lacks self confidence. One day, after watching an experiment, Peter is bitten by a radioactive spider. This bite gives him super-powers: superhuman strength and agility, the ability to cling to walls and "spider-sense" that alerts him to imminent danger. Peter Parker sets out to fight against crime, following his dead uncle's adage: "With great power there must also come great responsibility."

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    CARS Point of sales materials A full POS materials kit is closely styled on the brand.Totem, showc...

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    CARS Cars was the leading licence for boys in the toy market in 2009 (NPD Group statistics). The br...

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