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1950 - Abertura da "Optique Demetz" pelo o Sr. Roger Demetz 1952 - Sr. Demetz, óptico e mergulhador profissional, um dos fundadores da Federação Francesa de natação com barbatanas, estuda o problema óptico sob a água.

HISTORY 1950 - Opening "Optical Demetz" by M. Roger Demetz 1952 - M. Demetz, optician, professional diver, one of the founders of the French Federation finswimming studying the optical problem underwater. 1953 - Creation the first mask Optical diving Manufacturing a front equipped with a suction cup that is positioned in masks "Hublot". 1955 - Optical diving mask on polymerization (collage on glass) Correction. 1957 - Patent application in collaboration with the company CRESSI-SUB "Optical diving mask with glasses surfaced (cut in the mass) of equipment. This system provides a larger field of view, no problem of any takeoff, fast execution, and a lower cost. 1968 - Creation the first swimming glasses Optics: "The Seychelles" all optical correction possible. 1968-89 Constant modifications and improvements mask and swimming glasses. 1990-1995 Development of the range of glasses for different sprotives modalities, such as optical glasses motorcycle "Climax" unbreakable flexible glasses "Comoframe" goggles optical "Leader", glasses optical fire "Knobloch" glasses optical bike and ski goggles with an optical kit, side shields and protective headband flotant. 1996 to present - Demetz continues the developpment and investigations of several optical concept in collaboration with their embassadors from high competition: allowing test results of the product on the field and their optimization to improve performance. Demetz has the constant aim to provide every sport, it's amateur or professional, get the best results, the best comfort, the best visual perception, better efficiency, etc. .. without the inconvenience of whatever their visual impairment.

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  • Brand rewards

    Brand rewards

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    The world of Demetz

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    NEWS DEMETZ WON THE "PONT D'ARGENT" 2014 Every 2 years, Inform Optics organizes the ceremony P...

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