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Marca internacional reconhecida no mundo da moda masculina, Façonnable exprime a sua assinatura "Elegância Moderna" graças ao requinte presente nos mínimos detalhes das suas colecções.

FAÇONNABLE | THE STORY OF A FRENCH BRAND IT IS IN THE SOUTH OF FRANCE | THAT THE GREAT STORY BEGINS... Façonnable, world recognized brand above all in Men Fashion, express its sign of modern elegance thanks to its stylishness which we find in each minor details of all collections... FAÇONNABLE, MORE THAN 60 YEARS OF HISTORY Façonnable was founded in the 1950's by Albert Goldberg The story of the brand starts with the opening a little tailor shop "Rue Paradis" in Nice. Today the brand has over 500 retail customers world-wide and products include high quality men's and women's apparel and accessories, it is distributed through 24 stores in France and 42 stores around the world (including 9 in the U.S.) 1987 | Launch of Façonnable Eyewear 1994 | Launch of Façonnable Perfume 1995 | Launch of Collection for Women 1997 | Launch of Shoes Collection 2013 | Opening of Many Boutiques Seatle Washington Estate, Beyrouth, Santa Fe (Mexique.

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  • Environment 2015

    Environment 2015

    Environment 2015


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  • The world of Façonnable

    The world of Façonnable

    Boldness of style with the French touch Façonnable renews itself with the arrival of its new artist...

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  • Product development

    Product development

    2 FRENCH COMPANIES Since 1985, ODLM has been designed and distributed FAÇONNABLE Eyewear&#...

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  • Comunication


    Façonnable Eyewear gets a new breath through a fresh and vintage communication. It transmi...

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