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Henry Jullien


Há mais de 80 anos, que estas duas palavras têm sido praticamente a verdadeira essência da identidade desta ousada empresa, que se lançou com grande convicção no projecto e no fabrico de óculos de luxo excepcionais, folheados a ouro 18 quilates e por vezes decorados com verdadeiras pedras preciosas.

Quality and Creativity
Two words suffice to sum up the illustrious history of the HENRY JULLIEN brand.

For over eighty years, these two words have virtually been the essence of the true identity of this daring company which threw itself with great conviction into designing and manufacturing exceptional eyewear : luxury frames, whether gold filled or 18 carats and even on occasion decorated with bona fide gemstones.

At a time when spectacle frames were purely functional objects, without the slightest decoration nor aesthetic value or implication, HENRY JULLIEN set out a unique direction, a choice enabled by a product most certainly adorned with the finery of innovation and perfection.

This route proved to be occasionally bumpy like in 1980 when the firm was faced with a sharp rise in the price of gold, but HENRY JULLIEN never deviated from it.

The determination to uphold an almost mythical industrial tradition has today brought the HENRY JULLIEN brand its renowned success : international recognition based on unique knowhow, putting cutting edge technology at the service of elegant and subtle creativity.

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