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LEADING AND LIVING THE ACTION SPORTS LIFESTYLE WE PIONEERED 40 YEARS AGO. STABLISHED OVER THE PAST 40 YEARS AS THE LEADING GLOBAL COMPANY REPRESENTING THE CASUAL, YOUTH LIFESTYLE ASSOCIATED WITH BOARDRIGING. Individual expression, adventure, and creativity are the essence of our brands and the outdoor sports they represent. Combine this with the aesthetic appeal of beaches and mountains, and a connection is established that transcends borders and continents. QUIKSILVER DIFINES OUR TIME Today we’re at the intersection of a new set of cultural forces. Technology and globalization are colliding with sports and fashion in a kaleidoscope of artistic expression, athletic interpretation, community, and environmental consciousness. AWAKENS THE SPIRIT OF SURFING THAT LIVES IN EVERYONE There's way of moving through the world with effortless skill, joy and camaraderie. Of expressing, creating and living in harmony with the planet. Of celebrating progression and expression, no matter what your’re doing. There’s no wrong way if it comes from the heart. That’s the spirit of surfing. QUIKSILVER AWAKENS THAT SPIRIT IN EVERYONE WELCOME TO ROXY ROXY IS THE PIONEER, UNPRECEDENTED LEADER AND THE ONLY EXCLUSIVELY FEMALE ACTION SPORTS BRAND IN THE WORLD. OUR VISION: To be the most inspiring girls fashion and performance brand on and off the water. We makes waves and move mountains We innovate and elevate We inspire girls to join our ride We have infectious energy We follow our heart IN 1990, SOMETHING EPIC HAPPENED ROXY WAS BORN AND CREATED A PLATFORM FOR A NEW CULTURAL MOVEMENT. We have been trailblazers since te beginning. In 1990, ROXY Invented the first female boardshort and a voice was given to females in surfing. For the first time, femelas had a place and an identity in action sports. SINCE THEN, ROXY HAS DOMINATED AS THE #1 FEMALE ACTION SPORTS BRAND GLOBALLY. We have continued to lead, innovate and carve through this space for 25 years and counting. Roxy successfully created a new category in the market place that didn’t exist. Now, we are known by millions of girls as the go-to brand for sun, water and snow wear. WE WERE BORN IN THE WATER AND CARVED OUR WAY TO THE MOUNTAINS. Our heritage and dominance in action sports is proof the we know that it takes to be in the sun, water, and snow. This is where we belong. This is where we are at our best. MILLENNIALS LOVE ROXY. The ROXY consumer is an active female, age 14-24 years old. She is inspired by the beach and mountain lifestyle and her place is outside. Stylish and multi-media savvy, she aspires to dream big and live a unique life. With infectious energy, she is always up for a challenge and down for a good adventure. The ROXY girl has the strength of heart to dare to be more in and out of the water, on and off the Board.

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    The world of Quiksilver and RoXy

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    QUIKSILVER FOUNDATION For years, Quiksilver and Roxy have been actively engaged in charitable act...

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