Product Development

Product Development

Founded in Barcelona in 1980 by the husband and wife team Joaquim Gomicia and Dolors Tomàs as a distributor of sunglasses, Grupo Optim has become on of the most solid companies in the Spanish optical sector.

The company begins its commercial activities importing sunglasses by well-known European brands to be sold in optical establishments, at a time when the range of glasses in the Spanish market was limited and not particularly attractive. Thus, the company manages to gain market share and become a specialised distributor of Italian sunglasses.

The values
Talen, professionalism, responsibility, innovation and design, quality and specialisation and an excellent after-sales service are the foundations of Grupo Optim's business policy, one of the leading companies in the Spanish Optical sector.

The company strives to preserve the family character of its origins and to prove that the human factor is indispensable in a market characterised by intense competition and an ongoing process of globalisation. It aims to become a friendly company and to be a reference for quality, responsibility and reliability in the optical sector.

Optim has a dedicated personnel team that endeavours to get to know each of its customers and meet their requirements, offering personal attention in order to provide the most appropriate solutions to their needs.

Our mission
Optim is a Spanish company that is recognised throughout the international optical sector. We create glasses and sunglasses collections in the name of prestigious designers and export them worldwide.

Our mission is to create corrective frames and sunglasses that are innovative in terms of design and fashion and distribute them to the optical sector. They are made with the highest quality materials and finishes to give maximum satisfaction to the wearer, alongside our own commitment to service.

Future, International expansion.
Optim faces the challenges of the new century in the optical sector with optimism, confidence and enthusiasm. Selling brand name products strengthens the growth of the campany and opens a route to international expansion in order to conquer new markets.

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