Développement de produits

Développement de produits

Monsieur HENRY JULLIEN was a travelling spectacles salesman when, in 1921, he established his own prescription frame manufacturing company in Morez, in the Jura region of France, birthplace of the French spectacle industry.

In 1935, Monsieur HENRY JULLIEN moved his business to Lons-le-Saunier, the capital of the Jura, and it is still there today.

HENRY JULLIEN signs original collections of prestigious spectacles for ladies and gentlemen and is amongst the rare companies in Europe that has maintained designing,
conception and production in its original site.

HENRY JULLIEN is nowadays recognized as one of the finest and best manufacturer of spectacle frames in France today.

The history of the HENRY JULLIEN brand is, like every story, studded with a few important dates. But the two that stand out over and above all others, without a shadow of adoubt,took place in 1980 and 1993. It was in those years that two major decisions were made
which were to shape the long-term future of the brand, leading it down a new path, which it has followed to this day. HENRY JULLIEN has remained faithful to these two major
decisions, which have guided company strategy ever since.Choosing perfection
In 1980, HENRY JULLIEN decided to continue manufacturing all its styles in rolled gold
filled. This was at a time when, after a considerable rise in the price of gold (it had quadrupled in the space of 3 weeks), the majority of HENRY JULLIEN’s competitors had
abandoned it altogether.

Since 1993, with the arrival of rimless frames, HENRY JULLIEN has undergone a period of technical diversification into other materials, such as surgical-quality nickel-free stainless steel, now used in the manufacture of the Melrose collections, Promesse,Arrogance, Tact, Providence...

Such technical developments made HENRY JULLIEN a pioneer in the field of rimless
frames, becoming one of its great specialists. The success of the Melrose collection or Promesse is evidence of this in itself.

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