Le monde de Henry Jullien

Le monde de Henry Jullien

A story of gold and sophistication
Quality and creativity.
These two inseparable words, always and forever a homage to the remarkable materials – in
particular, gold filled – for which HENRY JULLIEN is the leading specialist, and from which it
develops extremely hi-tech and original frames that stand out from the crowd.

Indeed, in these very materials lies the essence of creativity.
Every one knows that rolled gold filled frames are like no other, without even mentioning the 18-carat models, available on request.

Whilst rolled gold filled remains an inevitable material used by the HENRY JULLIEN brand, its
know-how also encompasses other noble materials such as stainless steel.

As such, HENRY JULLIEN pushes the boundaries of creativity ever further by drawing from the heart of the resources offered by today’s most advanced materials – its driving principle since the beginning…

Pierre FAUVEAU: President

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