20 years ! we are already a company adulthood, but to get here it was necessary to fight many struggles, an arduous achievement, for having chosen the less easy way, that of quality, innovation and notoriety, but much more enriching, an experience that words don't translate, but it has been a great school for all those who have been part of this company and for those who still remain. The bets we made, some less good than others, were always a learning process and with them we solidify our knowledge.During its journey DMDI, it has already won the trust of many clients, so today, it positions itself in the front row next to the main companies that operate in this area of business.

It is also already a well-known and internationally requested company for distribution in Portugal.

Building a story really gives a lot of work, and that merit belongs to everyone who made their contribution, so This Birthday is for Everyone, in fact the DMDI itself, We Are All Us! The reason we get up every day. Being part of a company is having another family, with whom we care and we care to see it improve more and more.

The value of DMDI lies in its human capital, in the union of our team, in the joint attitude. We are all business card company, a card that will only be well received if it deserves respect and value. Respect is acquired through attitude, humility, in the way we act, in value, in the service we provide, in our competences and in the brands that we represent. "Every victory achieved is the result of our commitment to our clients. they who sustain us! That's why we have the Obligation to provide you with an Excellence service! We believe that we will continue to strive to earn your trust, with a stand for integrity, ethics and quality.

Today, with a single philosophy, well defined, we can focus on the initial value and driving force of the company:

:: To bet on innovative projects, to propose a product of quality and distinct, so that it is a safe value for the optics.

:: Strengthen relations with our international partners, preferably with the most reputable and solid companies, to guarantee the best service to our clients.

:: Facing our customers as an Extension of our company, with a more personalized, side-by-side accompaniment that guarantees a sustainable long-term partnership.

But we have only now reached the age of majority and therefore we still have a great way to go, we will continue with the same determination and we will be persistent in the decisions that we made, to maintain the cadence and to lead us to the conquest of a solid future. With the commitment of all and a lot of market yet to conquer, let's roll up our sleeves and ... Let another 20 years come!